rat control


The product is a rat poison bait for industrial and civil use as well as household . The product if efficacy against all rodents animals The killing efficacy is strong and definitive with a single and even partial assumption of the bait by the rodent The action of the bait after ingestion is causing an internal hemorrhage that will bring to death the rodent without alarming the community and therefore maintaining efficacy in the time against the colony of rats . Thanks to its palatability the product is highly appreciated by the rats even in presence of other food availability ; this is granting great efficacy .


The product can be used in houses , wineries , attic , holds of ships , warehouses The use is very simple making available 25 to 30 gr of product every 4 meters in the areas were rats has shown a presence ; in case of a strong infestations proceed with the positioning every 2 meters instead to increase the efficacy . It s suggested to put the baits into special containers that are not enabling the rats to move them as well as are avoiding other animals to have access to the baits and being poisoned as well ( cats and dogs ) . It s suggested to use rubber gloves while positioning the baits in order to avoid the rats feeling the humans presence

Target animals

Rats and mouses


10 0 gr of products contains : bromadiolone gr 0,005 , denatonium benzoate gr 0,001 , coformulating to 100 gr




200 gr flowpack

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