Tzygo Biocides Repellents Out

Repellent wipes flavored with Citronella


  • wet wipes packed in flow pack easy to carry and easy to use in any situation;
  • wipes with citronella fragrance that effectively keep away insects from the body; dermatologically tested.


  • open the pack using the removable label and after picking one wipe close the pack again to preserve the other wipes in the pack from drying up;
  • rub the skin of your harms and legs with the wet wipe in order to protect from the mosquitos bites;
  • if rubbing the face and neck, be careful avoiding to touch eyes and mucosa.


The wipes are filled with a lotion containing 4 % DEET and 1% Citrodiol.


Under registration in Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tahiland


15 wipes in a flow pack open/close labeled.

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