Tzygo Biocides Insecticides Wasp Kill

Insecticide with long stream of 4 meters active against wasp and hornet nests


  • The product is a water base insecticide aereosol capable to kill with its foam generated jet wasp and yellow jacket nests;
  • The product has a good residual effect enabling the prevention of reentry of a colony after the treatment.
  • The product is specifically studied to destroy the nest and kill the wasps by it s mechanical and insecticide effect generated by the foam that is locking the wasps and yellow jacket into the foam and the nest .


  • The product is provided with a unique jet valve that is enabling the user to act from a distance of 4 meters from the nest safely and thanks to this valve the user is capable to reach hidden locations where normally the sets are located like : under roof , under shingles , gutters , walls cracks , under window , on trees and inside the vegetation .;
  • Shake the bottle before using always
  • Don t dispose the bottle after use ;

Target insects

Wasp , yellow jeckets


The special formulation contains : transfulthrin 0,11 % , PBO 0,20 % , cyfluthrin 0,025 %


Registered in Italy.


300 ml 400 ml 500 ml 600 ml 750 ml

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