Tzygo Biocides Insecticides Vespajet

Insecticide with long stream of 4 meters active against wasp and hornet nests


  • the product is very active for long distance actions with fast killing effect of any insect crawling and flying, even if taylor-made for wasp and hornet;
  • very good lasting effect is ensuring the treated nests will not be repopulated.


  • shake the bottle before using;
  • spray by short shoots od 7-10 sec each from a distance of 3 mt average;
  • direct the stream to the wasps and hornets nests or to the cockroaches, ants and any other insect nest you want to destroy;
  • for wasp and hornets nests it s recommended to do the attack early morning or evening when the insects are still or already back to the nests for maximizing the killing effect;
  • after few days, once there is no show of insects alive can remove the nest;
  • in case of use indoor, it s reccomended to ventilate the room before living in.

Target insects

Cokroackes, wasps, hornets, ants.


This aerosol is based on GREEN TECHNOLOGY as gas used.
The composition is 0,3 % Permethrine and 2,3 % PBO.


Registered in Italy.


Aereosol 750 ml

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