Tzygo Biocides Insecticides Smoke away

Smoky insecticide without development of flames


  • effective against flying and crawling insects;
  • acts both for direct contact that inhalation by the weed species;
  • indicated for the disinfestation of civil and industrial environments


  • Close windows and doors , open the cap of the smoke and light the fuse with a match or lighter . The fuse will activate the smoke that will begin paying the smoke within seconds . It does not spread flames and is totally safe . As a precaution you can place a ceramic tile to not let the smoke into contact with floors that could be affected by a rush of heat . Once you activated out of the room and not return for at least 3-4 hours . Before using again the locals are recommended to allow air to circulate and clean all surfaces that have come in contact with the smoke delivered

Target insects

Cockroaches, flies, mosquito, ants, dust mites, fleas, ticks.


The product is a water based microsolution with active principle of Permethrine


Regitered in Italy

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