Tzygo Biocides Insecticides AMP2MG 300g ita

Insecticide for the ants control and killing, ready to use formulation


  • microgranular powder formula matching the EU regulation on the Human Toxicity Safety, recommended by the Hazardous Products Office;
  • fast action of killing on the ants with the full eradication of the colony within one week of treatment;
  • long lasting effect up to 3 weeks.


  • the product can be used within and out of the house, in garden; etc;
  • the special formulation enable 3 different types of applications: by spray via trigger, diluting the powder into the water, by dry powder and finally by watering can after diluting the powder in the can (for a deep penetration in the ants colony house);
  • for the products application we recommend to put the powder or spray the liquid in the critical areas and avoid to wash the treated spaces. Repeat the treatment within 15 days for a full protection and stable effect.

Target insect



The special microgranular powder is based on Acetamiprid at 2,0 %.


Registered in Italy, France, Poland .


PET bottle - 300 gr
PET bottle - 1000 gr

Tzygo AMP2MG botless

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