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Insecticide Pyrethrum based for automatic electronic dispenser use


  • the product is an insecticide using the natural pyrethrum extract as active principal;
  • this aereosol refil is made to be used only through automatic electronic dispensers;
  • very useful remedy against fling insects, it has immediate killing effect on flies and mosquitos;
  • additionaly the product is ideal for disinfesting any private and public indoor areas like: houses, restaurants, hotels, community, bathrooms, public bath, train, bus, aircraft, etc;
  • the repellent effect of the pyrethrum may help to prevent the insects arrivals.


  • insert the bottle into the electronic dispenser and follow the instructions that you will find inside the pack;
  • for an optimizations of results position the dispenser at least 2 mt from the ground and not less then 0,30 mt from the ceiling;
  • the product will be released automatically at predetermined shoots of 5, 7 … 30 min that you can program by yourself up to your needs;
  • one bottle in use for 24 hours a day with a release program of 15 minutes shoot will last in 4 weeks time;
  • the all system is studied to protect rooms sized up to 45 sam only;
  • the bottle can be used also manually with recommended shoots in the center of the room lasting 6 sec each;
  • food and food in process should be kept at least 2,5 mt away from the dispenser source while working.

Target Insects

All flying insects.


The product formulation based on GREEN GAS is made with EXTRACT OF PYRETHRUM AT 50% with a 3,5 % volume, PBO at 90% with a 16% volume.


Registered in Poland.


Bottle 250 ml

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