Tzygo Biocides Insecticides 4in1

Spray insecticide field effect for a large open area


  • The product is designed to act as a strong protection indoor and outdoor against nuisable insects;
  • the product has an immediate and persistant residual effect that is generating a barrier against flying insects lasting 8 hours and 3 weeks for the crawling ones;
  • the unique formulation release an semi liquid foam that while dissolving is depositoing a long lasting protection killing the insects target;
  • the product don t leave stains and colours.


OUTDOOR  - Against mosquitoes and crawling insects 

  • shake well the bottle before use 
  • analyze the  surface tp be treated  keeping in mind that  100 ml  of product are enabkling  13 mtrs   linear  of treatment 
  • choose the  target surfaces  based on the insect target: mosquitoes or crawling insects, means  terrace, inner kiosk, gazebo, view point, flower vases plates, fences, bush for mosquitoes; wall cracks, corners, crevices in case of crawling insects;
  • proceed  to  spray  the    product from a distance   of  50  cm  for 3 or 4 seconds 



  • Against mosquitoes : shake the  bottle and  spray in the atmosphere  for a few seconds;
  • against crawling insect: shake the bottle  and spray from a distance of 40  cm in the sensitive areas like bathrooms, under sink, corners, cracks 



  • It s recomended  to  protect effectively  the indoor  to  spray the  product on the entrance gates like windows and  doors  as well as floors near by; the efficacy is granted either on porous surfaces like wood or non porous ones like ceramic tiles.

Target insect

All crawling and flying insects


The special product is formulated with : 0,110 % transfluthrin , 0,025% cyfluthrin , 0,200 PBO


Registered in Italy.


Shelf life 48 months
400 ml, 500 ml, 600 ml,750 ml

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