Tzygo Biocides Insecticides JL5910 china

Insecticide acaricide ready to use


  • wide spectrum action;
  • active against all insects crawling and flying;
  • fast dejection effect;
  • very low toxicity;
  • lasting effect up to 3 weeks;
  • no smell, no stains after spraying on textiles enabling the use on sofas, pillows; bed-sheet, bed cover, carpets, curtains etc.


  • can be used in nearly all household applications scrolling from bedroom, kitchen, service rooms, living rooms, children rooms, textiles; 
  • no need to diluite the product as it's ready to use; 
  • spray the product through the trigger on the surfaces where you have seen the insects or better on the the “all” entrance (doors and windows) of the house carefully in order to create a killing barrier to the insects;
  • the product is fastly killing the insects and additionally prevent their returns on site.

Target insects

Cockroaches, flies, mosquito, ants, dust mites, fleas, ticks.


The product is a water based microsolution with active principle of Permethrine at 0,3 % 


The product is under registration in Italy, Poland, Thailand, Hong Kong Singapore 


Bottle w trigger 500 ml 
Cartons 24 pcs



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