Tzygo Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer V8

360-degree rotating, safe, nontoxic, no chemicals, odorless, smokeless, no noise, energy-saving and eco-friendly


Generally, mosquitoes find people by carbon dioxide they exhale. When they feel flow of carbon dioxide, they will fly to it immediately. Also they are photokinetic for the UV-lights. TZYGO Photocatalytic Mosquito Killer use 365nm UV-light mosquito-lured lamps favorite by mosquitoes. It can emit lights at 360 degrees, and carbon dioxide and air flow plus tepefaction effect, and simulate wet carbon dioxide flow from people to entice mosquitoes. Wherein the fan will stir surrounding air to form vortex which enables mosquitoes like to fly with air flow to approach, once mosquitoes are sucked into the capture window, they will hardly escape from the vortex, and will be absorbed into the bottom of trapper, until dry dead. The photocatalytic mosquito killer is the most eco-friendly and efficient killer which is harmless to human body with mosquito-lured lamps having wavelength of 365nm. And its light-catalyzed reaction can purify air to kill bacteria in the air effectively and absorb harmful gases. It has the same trapping effect for flies and moths, and unparalleled performance by other killers. The largest characteristic is that it can continuously trap female blood-sucking mosquitoes in one space, so it is effective to interrupt the multiplication cycle of mosquito group in the large area around this space, and further kill mosquitoes and flies in groups.


  • plug the mosquito killer into socket;
  • open the switch on the top of the mosquito killer, when it starts to work;
  • for getting the optimum efficiency, better to put it on a hidden place 30cm above the ground; it is designed for 24h continuous work.
  • before cleaning the mosquito killer, should unplug the power and then rotate the bottom open to clean it. Some mosquitoes may be still alive, better to cover the
  • mosquito killer with a piece of cloth or a towel and then take off the screen.

Target insect





  • Certificates: CE; ROHS; GS
  • Voltage: DC12V Adaptor
  • Power: 14W
  • Plastic Raw Material: ABS
  • Actuating Range: 80-100 m2


Packing Size: 245*245*320 mm
Gross Weight/Net Weight: 1.1/1.0 KG



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