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Non-toxic and odourless glue trap with a large transparent glue surface for catching flies in any room.

The Window Fly Trap - transparent takes advantage of the natural behaviour of flies. Attracted by warmth and light, they gravitate towards windows. The colours and contrasts lure the flies to the glue surface where they are trapped. The product is effective for at least one season.


  • The trap use natural luring effect of daylight;
  • non odor, non drying glue formulation provides long lasting action;
  • fast and easy to use;
  • non-toxic, odorless and transparent;
  • no not mark windows;
  • use indoors by placing on windows.

Directions for use

  • Remove thin protective red strip.
  • Press sticky side to the window.
  • Peel off front protective paper. Trap is ready to use. 

Replace every 3 months for maximum results. 

Keep out of the reach of children

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