Tzygo Biocides Equipment Electronic Repellents Tick Free Pet

Tick and flea repeller for pets


Tzygo Tick free for pet is the perfect way to free cats and dogs of ticks and fleas, and is especially useful as a preventative measure.

It is completely non-toxic for both dogs and cats, and for the humans who live and play with them: safe for the environment, ideal for animals weakened by illness or particularly vulnerable, like pregnant or nursing females, puppies and kittens, or elderly pets.


Shaped like a pendant, it is meant to be on the pet's collar, and runs continuously for one year on a built-in, non-replaceable lithium battery.

It works by emitting ultrasound frequencies which are harmless for dogs, cats, and people.

Complies with EC regulations.

Target animals

Tick and flea

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