Tzygo Biocides Equipment Electronic Repellents Mosquito Free Portable

Portable mosquito repeller – for sport and all outdoor activities


This innovative and efficient portable battery-powered mosquito repeller drives away female mosquitoes, the only ones that give troublesome bites, by emitting a constant high-frequency sound.

This sound is emitted at variable frequencies so as to act against various types of mosquito, preventing them from adapting to the disturbance.

Completely non-toxic and ecological, Tzygo Mosquito Free Portable emits no chemical substances or smells, and can be used in total safety by persons of all ages and on all occasions.

Attached to clothing, a backpack or a belt with a practical clip, Tzygo Mosquito Free Portable is perfect to take with for all your outdoor activities, on trips with your children, for hiking, fishing …


Operating range: about 3 metres.

Powered by a lithium battery (CR2032 3V), with a duration of about 700 hours of continuous use at maximum volume.

Target animals


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