Tzygo Biocides Equipment Electronic Repellents Mite Free Home

Electronic device against dust mite


This small electronic device is the ideal non-toxic and ecological solution to combat the presence of dust mites, one of the main causes of respiratory allergies.

The device works by electronically emitting ultrasounds that are inaudible to the human ear and do not disturb pets. The constant operation of Tzygo Mite free home allows the concentration of dust mites in the environment where it is installed to be progressively reduced, at the same time obtaining a gradual reduction in the symptoms of the allergy sufferers present. The first results can be noticed shortly after the device has been switched on.


Tzygo Mite free home operates with a 230 V AC 50 Hz mains power supply, and can cover a space of about 90 cubic metres.

To obtain the best results it is advisable to use the device continuously and to install it in every environment in which allergy sufferers are present for long periods.

Target insects

Dust mites

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