Tzygo Biocides Equipment Electronic Repellents Mite Free Baby

Portable electronic device against dust mites for little children

This small electronic device is the solution to fight against the dust mites without using any chemical substance; a great solution against the dust mites that are causing most of the hallergical disease of the human respiratory system.

The device is small and battery operated therefore ideal to be used in small places like pillows, small rooms, bed, cradles for children.

The device is working by ultrasound emission that is not heard by the humans and pets, and is only affecting the mites hearings, therefore it’s really effective and non annoying the humans at all.

The action of mitefree baby is enabling the progressive reduction of the dust mites reproduction slowing down the percentage presence of the mites in pillows and baby cradles.

The actions device is starting immediately upon the installation and is reaching the peak of effectivness in 90 days.

Mite free baby is lithium battery operated and its range action is 1,5 meter. Made in Italy, CE branded.

The device efficacy is officially certified by the univerity of Camerino, Italy. Mitefree baby is tested by a certified lab for the electromagnetic and ultrasound emissions.

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