Electronic fly repeller device

Electronic fly repeller device


Tzygo Fly free home is an electronic device capable of preventing flies from entering the room inside which it is operating, and also of driving away any flies already present. It is the ideal solution for small spaces like kitchens. Completely non-toxic, odourless and effective, it uses no chemical products and is harmless for both persons and pets. The device works by electronically emitting ultrasounds at variable frequencies (preventing flies from adapting to the disturbance) that are inaudible to the human ear and to pets like cats and dogs.


Tzygo Fly free home operates with a 230 V AC 50 Hz mains power supply, and can cover a space of about 50 cubic metres (a room about 3 metres high and 4 x 4 metres in size).

To allow the device to operate in conditions of maximum efficiency, it must be kept always switched on. Several days of operation are necessary to allow the product to saturate the room in which it is installed with ultrasounds.

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