is a registered brand of Panda Enterprise ZOO, a company incorporated in Poland, inside the European Union with the aim to develop new generation insecticides and repellents in accordance with the latest biocide regulations of the European Community, that are recognized world wide to be the most tight and protective to the humans and the environment of the Earth.

The biocide programme that will last to completion in the 2024 is consinstencly bringing the all chemicals effective principle to regulamentation either in terms of effectivness, safety and formulations that must comply with these tight rules.

Panda Enterpise is devoted, in connection with the Taurus Group of Hong Kong, to bring the know how and the researches born in Europe, in Asia and world wide within the following 10 years (2025).

The Taurus Group and Panda Enterprise target the European Union and Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, mainlad China, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines as the first step of achievments in the coming 3 years . Afterward the Middle East and Australia within 5 years and a global penetration within the above mentioned target of 10 years .

The assortment of products that Panda Enterprise ZOO is developing today is scrolling from the masterpiece of “Tzygo” the universal liquid insecticide that will bring the change of habits to the consumers with a safe and long lasting approach unique and enveiromentally friendly to pets too (with the exclusion of cats and cold blood animals), to a new generation of microgranular “ants powder” developed in accordance with the hazardous products safety rules inside the European Community; this fantastic formualtion will be safe to be used for humans while the today existing talc based products are bringing serious concerns for the men safety while using them for inhalations; this microgranular formulation will be possibly used in a triple use: solid granular, liquid and spray with trigger.

Additionally we have under final registration as biocide in the European Community also two formulations “DEET” based as repellent (among the first in Europe to achieve such target of certification) .
And more and more coming.

We are proud and eventually young but seriously committed to the success of our mission world wide.

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